August, 8 2023

Take a Drink

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Échate un Trago" is an exciting and educational event designed especially for mixology lovers, bar and restaurant patrons, and anyone interested in discovering the fascinating world of spirits. Our goal is to take all attendees on a sensory journey through the different categories of spirits, offering fun tastings and unique pairings in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Welcome to "Échate un Trago"!

"Immerse yourself in the diversity of spirits: In each edition of "Échate un Trago", we explore a wide range of spirits, from the traditional Scotch whisky to the exquisite Mexican tequila, through the elegance of gin and the sophistication of rum. Our team of experts will guide you through the history, production process and characteristic flavors of each category of spirits, while you enjoy tastings and pairings that will further enhance the experience.

Learn in a fun and enjoyable way: At "Échate un Trago", we believe that learning about spirits doesn't have to be boring. Our events are designed for you to have fun while gaining valuable knowledge about these iconic beverages. You'll participate in blind tastings, interactive games and pairing challenges, all with the expert guidance of our mixologists and spirits experts.

A cozy and exclusive atmosphere: Each edition of "Échate un Trago" takes place in a carefully selected space to guarantee a unique and welcoming experience. We take care of every detail to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the evening to the fullest.

Flexible and adapted schedules: We understand that each spirit deserves its time and space to be appreciated. Therefore, we program the "Échate un Trago" events with specific schedules and themes so that you can fully immerse yourself in each tasting experience.

Discover your passion for spirits: At "Échate un Trago", we not only offer you a memorable experience, but also give you the opportunity to discover and enhance your passion for spirits. If you are a premium beverage enthusiast, a curious flavor explorer or just want to have a great time with friends, this event is for you!

Don't miss the next edition of "Échate un Trago" and discover the exciting world of spirits in a unique and special way! Follow our social networks to keep up to date with the dates and themes of our next events, we are waiting for you to toast together for this adventure full of flavor and fun!